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RedRoute gives you all the information you need to figure out what you want to do next. See locations with a lot of your friends, popular places around you, and the top local businesses and events, all with to-the-minute precision.

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No more calling dispatchers and waiting aimlessly for drivers. Request your ride, relax and wait for us to notify you of your driver’s arrival, and then get where you need to go at your own beat.


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Syracuse Orange

Next Up: Syracuse University

We are proud to welcome Suburban Transportation of Syracuse, NY to the RedRoute family! We can not wait to begin serving the community of Syracuse and the students of Syracuse University! Let’s go Orange!

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Growing Press for RedRoute

Following the launch a few weeks ago, there has been a growing amount of press and interest in the Ithaca community surrounding RedRoute. The Cornell Daily Sun featured us in a front page article, while the Ithaca Voice got in on the action as well. Remember to Download RedRoute in the iOS store today!

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Customer Testimonails

This is going to be the next big thing. They know it, I know it, and so does everyone else that has heard of it.

Luke Geedner Binghamton '19
Customer Testimonails

I think I liked RedRoute because I used it in my free time, and began associating the two together. Now I love it, because it helps me get even more out of that precious time.

Carly O’Rourke Cornell '17
Customer Testimonails

I was visiting a friend at Cornell when I ran across RedRoute, now I can’t wait for it to come to Davis.

Matthew Denitz UC Davis '18
Customer Testimonails

It’s like everything I need for when I want to enjoy myself, all in one platform.

David Plaut Cornell '18

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